Cable Manufacture

Fushi Copperweld bimetallic conductors lie at the heart of many of the most efficient products in the world.  We manufacture very few products that are deployed straight from our factories, but we supply OEM providers with the conductors that form the core of their products’ electrical circuitry.  Fushi Copperweld’s patented manufacturing techniques and innovation in fine wire have made conductors available that are less than the diameter of a human hair and still have an completely consistent bimetallic composition, allowing for less expensive components in all manner of electric cabling, even at the finest gauges.  The flexibility of our product line is also of great benefit, as any of our wire can be stranded or bunched into multiwire cable, plated in other metals, or insulated with any manner of common dielectric materials.

Whether used in power transmission, signal applications, control circuits,  automotive wiring, jumpers for direct current use, or in electronic wiring harnesses, Fushi Copperweld’s copper-clad wire, strand and busbar are alternatives to copper that add value and performance benefits.

Highly conductive copper, clad permanently to lightweight aluminum or durable steel, is the hallmark of Fushi Copperweld’s bimetallic products.  Whether used in high-tension, high-frequency industrial applications, or in consumer-grade electronics and white goods, power cables from Fushi Copperweld are an ideal value, and a cost-effective, high-performance solution.

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