Magnet Wire

We are seeing volatile new fluctuations in the price of copper, and indications are that the price is only going higher.  This makes budgeting difficult, and cuts into profits for makers of electronic components.  In applications for enameled wire such as motor winding coils, consumer electronics, electromagnets, transformers and the like, substantial cost savings can be achieved by choosing copper-clad aluminum (CCA) Copperlite wire over solid copper.

The magic of CCA is its incredible light weight.  At the same weight, Fushi Copperweld CCA Copperlite yields 2.7 times the length of wire.  When resistance is key, upsizing the wire slightly provides the same resistance and still yields 1.6 times the finished wire.  Either way, enamelers and cable producers are getting a lot more product at a lower price, which can have tremendous positive impact on profits.

By combining copper's connectivity and aluminum's light weight, Fushi Copperweld has created a product that offers numerous advantages in enameled applications.  CCA Copperlite is a very attractive alternative to solid copper because of its ease of conversion and simplicity of use.  It can be drawn and enameled just like pure copper, using the same drawing equipment, the same emulsions, the same enamels.  It's stronger than aluminum, so it offers fewer breaks, and, with the addition of a small amount of magnesium (CCAM), the wire can be drawn to even the finest diameters without fear of breakage.  Our wire is available in both round and flat configurations.

Applications for CCA Copperlite are almost limitless, as the conversion from solid copper is so easy.  Prime usages for this incredibly versatile product include:

•    Motor windings of all types and sizes
•    Transformers and relays
•    Meters and communication devices
•    Audio wire
•    Electromagnets
•    Timers and switches
•    Ballasts and control gear
•    White goods and household electronics