Reducing the chance of hazards to personnel and valuable equipment caused by dangerous voltages and high potential gradients during fault conditions is a major concern for electric utilities, telecommunications companies, the military, and general industry.  To eliminate the possibility of damage from lightning strikes or short-circuit conditions, an efficient, reliable grounding system is necessary to rapidly dissipate the surge current to ground.

Genuine Copperweld® copper-clad steel (CCS) wire and strand have been utilized and relied upon for over 90 years as strong, non-corrosive, efficient grounding conductors.  Combining the strength of steel with the conductivity and corrosion resistance of copper, Copperweld provides a long-lasting, low impedance path to earth. When annealed, our CCS exhibits the flexibility necessary for easy handling.  It is also very well adapted to the same standard installation techniques used with pure copper.

Our patented metallurgical bonding process ensures uniformity of the copper layer, and prevents flaking, cracking or peeling both before and after installation. The reliability of the copper layer protecting the underlying steel yields a conductor that is absolutely as corrosion-resistant as pure copper.  However, Copperweld lasts longer in virtually any application because its fatigue resistance is much stronger than that of softer, more fragile pure copper.  Once the wear and tear caused by traffic driving over buried wire or vibrating overhead wire is considered, Copperweld's durability makes it the smarter value over time.

Copperweld delivers outstanding reliability and performance in a variety of applications at every step in the power utility process: generation, transmission, and distribution of current.: at the power plant, Copperweld can be used for building lightning protection.  In switchyards and substations, it makes superior grounding wire for the grids, fences and other structures.  As buried counterpoise, structural ground leads, pole and transformer grounding as well as surge arrestor down leads, its performance is stellar.

Copperweld wire is also less susceptible to theft than solid copper because it is a bimetallic product and does not have the high scrap value of pure copper.   Dangerous copper thieves prey upon industrial sites and target remote electrical junctions and not only make off with valuable assets, but cause outages.  The copper layer in our CCS cannot be removed, and so it is practically worthless to would-be black marketeers.

Whatever the grounding application may be, there is a Copperweld conductor available in the size, conductivity, and strength that is required.  To see what size conductor you need to replace the copper in your current application, check out our fusing current calculator or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .