Tracer Wire

A lot goes on underground. Beneath our highways and city streets, in our backyards and parks and underneath the buildings where we work, not just one network, but many, provide the infrastructure necessary for making modern life possible.

Gas and oil lines, drinking water and sewer pipes, and fiber-optic communications lines are among the many channels deep in the ground under our feet, and, as most of them are comprised of non-metallic materials, there is no way to locate them without digging them up, which can be costly, or even dangerous.

Conductive tracer wire (sometimes known as locator wire) is often installed alongside or inside buried pipe or cable, because it responds to electromagnetic locating equipment above ground, and assists construction crews in finding buried pipe and cable. The installation of tracer wire can save a lot of headaches for contractors, which in turn saves time and money.  

But tracer wire has to maintain its electromagnetic integrity so that faulty pipe and cables can be promptly located. As such, it makes sense to install the most durable tracer wire available, to stand up to the corrosive and destructive effects of underground deployment.

Copperweld is the ideal material for tracer wire.  The durability and high break loads of steel and the corrosion resistance and conductivity of copper combine in a single wire to yield performance that no one metal can touch.  Our patented process means no cracking, peeling or flaking of the copper layer, protecting the steel underneath and allowing it to give and stretch with changing environmental conditions. Less breakage ultimately reduces cost of installation, is more economical over the life of the wire.

Fushi Copperweld’s tracer wire is the ideal companion to non-metallic buried pipe and cable.  To find out more, contact our This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it