Detonation wire, used extensively in the mining industry, can be an expensive proposition.  The detonator controls are generally very far away from the blast sites, requiring long spans of wire to reach the explosives.  With the high cost of copper, it seems quite a waste to blow up this pricey commodity on every blast. Using Copperweld® CCS as a detonation signal wire is an excellent value.  Because only a small amount of current is actually carried to the explosives to cause detonation, using pure copper is overkill.  CCS is a great alternative that provides plenty of current carrying capacity at a significantly lower cost.

Moreover, CCS brings strength that copper cannot match.  Long spans are required for detonation, and the physical abuse of holding the detonator down into a hole deep underground means a high tensile strength is required.  Once the explosive material and backfill are packed around it, detonation wire has to have the strength to stretch without breaking or losing continuity. CCS provides the uniformity of the copper layer that is needed to precisely control the blast sequence within fractions of a second, coupled with the strength needed to survive the installation and make the detonation event possible.  For very demanding jobs, we also offer copper-clad stainless steel wire that combines high tensile strength and offers up to 70% elongation.

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